About her CD´s:

Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau
"Really impressive interpretations of Beethoven sonatas."
"Fire and discipline that is pretty rare finding it together."

EPTA Piano Journal
Lotte Jekéli knows what the composers intentions are and knows how to convey them.The tempi are never rushed thus allowing every note to speak, every phrase to be carefully delineated.The sound is always expressive and in many places really moving -----
(Concerto K.V.595, 449 und Rondo D with Romanian State Filarmonic, Jasy)
                                                                           (Alberto Portugheis)

EPTA Piano Journal
Another welcome addition to Lotte Jekélis series of Mozart Piano Concertos. Both works on this disc (K.V.491 and K.V.467) benefit the deep knowledge of the piano and of Mozart´s style, coupled with her musical intelligence, sensitivity and agile fingers, and displaying welljudged use of the pedals and of the different types of touch. (With the Prague Chamber Orchestra)
                                                                           (Alberto Portugheis)

W.E. Lewinski:
"In a repruduction full of sensitivity and dramatic expression we are confronted with an impressive and spiritual playing."


The Daily Telegraph London
Towering Beethoven -- Pianist´s depth of insight
A splendid German Pianist , Lotte Jekéli, gave intense pleasure at Wigmore Hall last night.She is that rare and beautiful thing, an intellectual possessed of an active brain, as well as a technique that can translate ist behests into controlled expression. In a noble interpretation of Beethovens c-minor soanat op.111 the broad sweep of L.Jekélis mental prozesses and the depth of her insight established the work as a towering masterpiece, in the way that only a great pianist could do. Alltogether, this was a memorable recital.                                                                                 (S.G.)

The Times London
Her playing was admirably incisive and musically intelligent.

Stirling Observer University Concert
What breadth and Grandeur were evident in the Appassionata - this was a most enjoyable Recital and we are left with the final theme of the “Waldstein” - so caressingly played still running in the head!

Musical Opinion London
Most remarkable of all was her account of Janáceks “ In  the mist”,music of rare sensitivity, played on this occasion with superb control of nuance and atmosphere.

Frankfurter Allgemeine
The centrepiece was Beethovens 3rd piano concert, in which the excellently thoughtful and concentrated rendering kindled an audible and visible enthusiasm in the members of the Collegium Musicum Mainz and their conductor.                                                             (Hildegard Weber)

Irish Time Dublin
A sincere and musical player; and Lotte Jekéli is playing the piano with a full sense of melody, of the shape of a phrase; and with two intensely important Beethoven characteristics: the ability to make the piano sing richly and an appreciation of his great contrasts of mood and sudden sforzandos. L.J. felt and understood also the Bartok pieces and made them a real musical experience – far more than many other pianists achieve with Bartok.

Music and Musicians London
Poet of the keyboard
She is a poet whose delicacy, charm and musicianship immediately captivates and delights the ear. Her style is intimate,as though she were displaying her musical treasures to each of us personally – the decoration of a musical line, the gentle humour of a phrase (Sonata B-major op.posth.Schubert)

Stuttgarter Zeitung
Lotte Jekéli has again demonstrated not only her astonishing technical ability: her thoughtful interpretation has proved her special affinity with Beethoven´s style. This stratification of the Variationes had the same clarity as the contrasts in the d-minor Sonata (op.31,2). She did justice to the poetic qualities of  the Sonata “Les Adieux and to the monumentality of the Sonata op.111.

The Scotsman Glasgow
Lotte Jekéli opened with a group of Bartok pieces which she played with superb accuracy of detail,with a dynamic range …..I have rarely heard these pieces played better.

La Nuava Venezia
An exellent interpreter  -  a pianist with high musical sensitivity

Bukarest Volk und Kultur
A precise and at the same time fine shaded and highly differentiated touch, an extremely concentrated and controlled playing  -  a most serious,intelligent and concessionless pianist - which we want to hear again in Bukarests Concerthalls.

Music and Musicians London
Max Reger:Variations and Fugue on a theme of Bach op.81 :- this was a virtually immaculate execution and one that embodied a full comprehension of the music.Reger said:” –  everything must come out in the clearest way “ "With Lotte Jekéli it did!"

The Scotsman Glasgow
She played with an impressive quiet grasp of the music, carefully clarifying detail and never overstating an effect. Though this was particularly helpful in the case of Alban Berg´s concentrated single-movement sonata, it was an asset also in the Beethoven, whose arietta was performed with fine rhythmic control.

Oxford Times
Lotte Jekélis piano recital revealed a masterly pianist, whose fastidious and immaculate playing placed her on an exalted pianistic plane alongside such giants as Richter,Serkin and Michelangeli. This sensitivity was evident in Bach´s Partita no 1 in B flat, which immediately established a pianistic sound that was clean and clearly articulated with scrupulous pedalling, whilst retaining a poetic, almost transcendant  quality reminiscent of Dinu Lipattis interpretation of this work. – A humbling,radiantly-inspiring recital given by a great pianist.

Daily Telegraph London
Lotte Jekéli who was reappearing in London last night has a command of rich and well modulated tone and brought out the massive sonority of Schoenberg´s three pieces of op.11.e-Equally sure was her treatment of the Berg Sonata of which she gave a most moving performance. The musicianly erudition of this player lent distinction to a strongly flowing and architecturally satisfying rendering of Beethoven´s sonata in A flat,op.110.

Lotte Jekélis performance of the varies selections displayed her outstanding technical ability and artistic talent. Her dynamic playing of Bach was highly enjoyable for the Baldwin – Wallace College, a well known Bach Center.
                                                                            Dr.John R.Sinnema

Die Welt Berlin
Lotte Jekéli is pianistically extraordinarly capable. Not only her faultness technique of great advantage to her delicate and virtuose passage playing – she also plays with a pearly, finely drawn atmospheric clarity.